The Andrew Fuller Center Review

The oil portrait of Andrew Fuller on the front cover of the review is by the painter Samuel Medley (1769–1857), the son of the famous Baptist minister, also Samuel Medley (1738-1799). The original oil painting is in the personal collection of Rev. Norman L. Hopkins of Rochester, Kent, England. The only other known oil painting of Fuller is in Regent’s Park College, the University of Oxford.

The Andrew Fuller Center currently publishes The Andrew Fuller Center Review. This publication has replaced the Eusebeia journal and is published once per year. AFCR carries articles and book reviews related to Baptist history and thought.

Table of Contents of first issue.

Editorial from first issue (in which Dr. Haykin explains the purpose of the Review).

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The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies
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Editor: Michael A.G. Haykin

Research and Teaching Associate: Jeff Robinson