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A prosopographical approach to history

January 9th, 2013 Posted in Church History, Historians

In distinction from the reigning paradigms in how to do history—socio-economic and gender—it seems to me that a prosopographical approach to history is the vital element in teaching and writing. I believe this is the approach to history patterned for us in holy Scripture. It is also a way of approach that is perennially fascinating and illuminating. Ten years ago, in an article on English historian Linda Colley, Daniel Snowman put it well when he argued for the use of multiple biography to create a portrait of a bygone era.

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One Response to “A prosopographical approach to history”

  1. Vaidas Says:

    Marxistic method of writing history is pretty interesting, or so-calleed “peoples’ history” historiography. I wonder what historiographical method we would have in mixing Marxian historiography with prosopographical approach. I also really like Annales school.