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Two Quotes from Oliver Hart

April 4th, 2012 Posted in 18th Century, Baptist Life & Thought, Eminent Christians, Great Quotes

Two quotes from Oliver Hart (1723–95), the first Baptist theologian of the South, that deeply resonate with me:

 “Grant, O Lord!… [w]hen I go to thy house to speak for thee, may I always go full fraught with things divine, and be enabled faithfully and feelingly to dispense the word of life…. Teach me to study thy glory in all I do.” (Oliver Hart, Diary, entry for August 5, 1754)

“If I had not been willing to endure the scoff of the world, I should never have made an open profession of the religion of Jesus; much less should I have become a preacher of his much-despised gospel.” (Oliver Hart, Dancing Exploded [1778])

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  1. Eric Smith Says:

    Two great quotes from a great pastor! I have thought about these two quotes a lot myself. Thanks Dr. Haykin!

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